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When one enters the museum, one can have a look at prehistoric remains (bones of hipoppotamuses, sharks' teeth and other fossils). Along the stairs leading to the next floor of the museum, the visitor can admire a large collection of minerals and gems from around the world, which were donated to Fr. Victor Camilleri. (M.S.S.P.) for the museum.

In the main corridor, Christmas and Good Friday Exhibitions used to be held. Click HERE to read about past exhibitions at St. Agatha's Museum and Church.

In the main hall, there are various artefacts from Egypt, pottery and glass remains which were found in St. Agatha's catacombs. But, maybe the most important item in this area is the statue of Aphrodite. Click HERE to read more information about this statuette.

A mummified crocodile from the Nile can also be found in the main hall.

Exhibited in the first room on the left hand-side, are various religious paintings, coins, medals and statuettes. Above all, there is the original alabaster statue of St. Agatha. More information can be read on the Crypt page.

In the next room, one can find religious articles, such as chalices, some of the decorations used in st. Agatha's Chapel, next to the museum, and a small display of old books and tiny bibles that have to be read using a microscope. Apart from these, statues which are used in the Good Friday exhibition, are stored and displayed. Click HERE to read more information about these statues and the Good Friday exhibition.

Apart from the vast collections, mentioned above, one may also be able to acquire a copy of photos and books written by Fr. V. Camilleri (M.S.S.P.) himself, who was the excavator and curator of St. Agatha's Complex. Click HERE to view a list of books available from St. Agatha's Museum.

Although this website gives a quite a clear picture of what one can find in the museum, it is obvioiusly necessary that one visits the Catacombs and museum to admire and appreciate the unique artefacts preserved in this museum. If you are an educator or a student, you can go to the Downloads page, to find a printable booklet as a resource when visiting the Catacombs.


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