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Joseph De Piro was born in Malta on November 2, 1877 in the old capital city, Mdina, into a wealthy and influential family. As a young man he thought about becoming a lawyer but then felt that God was calling him to the priesthood. (

He was the seventh child of the family. He joined the Royal Militia for two years; He was a part-time soldier when he joined the Royal Militia. He studied Law at University. However, he had another wish. He talked to his mother about his wish and made the necessary arrangements, including talking to the bishop and some months later Joseph went to Rome. On the 15th of March 1920 he was ordained a priest. However, some months after he was ordained a priest he was diagnosed as suffering from tuberculosis. Although De Piro was involved in many activities, his main accomplishment was the Missionary Society of Saint Paul.

It all started when on the 12th of June 1910 the Archbishop of Malta blessed a small house in Imdina to serve as a meeting place. Some days later, on the 30th of June 1910 two young men joined him, John Vella and Joseph Francis Caruana. John Vella was to become a priest and later to leave the Society, while Joseph Francis Caruana was to become a lay-brother and to be the first missionary of the Society in Abyssinia/ Ethiopia.
Mgr. De Piro died on September 17, 1933 in St. Gaetan's church, Ħamrun.

Mgr. De Piro: not long before he died.




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