St.Agatha Statue
St. Agatha's
  Crypt, Catacombs & Museum


One may find the following books at a reasonable price, which may be obtained from St. Agatha's Museum. Please click HERE to to find contact details to obtain more information. One can also find various papers in different languages, such as, English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese and Russian.

Sant' Agata

A book about St. Agatha's Crypt, Catacombs, Church and Museum in the English, Italian, French, Spanish and German language.
Ex Votos

Ex Votos

A detailed study of stone-slabs found in the Church and Museum of St. Agatha.

Saint Agatha

Saint Agatha

An archeological study in English of the artefacts at St. Agatha's Catacombs, Museum and Church.
€ 5
Saint Agatha's Museum
St. Agatha's Museum
A 32 paged, nicely colour-illustrated book containing photos and information about the collections, donations and artefacts which can be found displayed in St. Agatha's Museum.
€ 5


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Copy of the four book covers are obtained with the permission of Fr. V. Camilleri (M.S.S.P.)


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