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Son of: John Camilleri and Frances nee Bezzina.

Born: Senglea, Malta on 13th October 1933.

Deceased: 15th December 2011.

His Life:

During the World War II, Rev. Fr.V.Camilleri had to settle in Attard between 1941 and 1949. He received his Primary Education in Attard and Lija Government Schools and Secondary Education at St.Aloysius College, Birkirkara.

He joined the Missionary Society of St. Paul as a novice on 10th February 1953 and was ordained priest on 2nd April 1960. He served as an Assistant Director at the Oratory in Birkirkara between the years 1961 and 1979. Between 1984 and 1988 he was chosen to be and Acting Superior and Superior at St. Agatha's Rabat.

Fr.Victor was interested in Christian Archeology since 1953. He has excavated and opened to the public a great section of St.Agatha's Catacombs. During such excavations, he has also discovered a 4th Century Fresco.

Fr. Victor was also responsible for setting up St.Agatha's Museum in Rabat. He acted at the Curator of the Crypt, Catacombs and Museum since 1979.


  • Philately
  • Minerology
  • Reading about Church History and Archeology

He is also the author of:

  • Sant' Agata. Knisja, Kripta u Katakombi (1978)
  • Sant' Agata - A Booklet in five languages (1981)
  • St. Agatha an archeological study of the ancient monuments at St.Agatha (1984 & 1993)
  • Ex Votos - Study of stone slabs in the Church and Museum at St. Agatha's Rabat (1984)
  • St. Agatha's Museum - A guide to the Museum (1995)
  • Various articles in the Magazine 'Civilisation', local newspapers and programmes on the radio.
  • Stage play: L-Akbar Imħabba
Copies of the books can be obtained from St. Agatha's Museum. One can also view a list of book which are available by clicking on the button 'Books' on the Menu above.


The Co-Author of:

  • Remains of a late Medieval Church at Rabat (1962)

In Short:

  • Born 13th October 1933
  • Ordination 2nd April 1960
  • 1961-79 Assistant Director at the Oratory in Birkirkara
  • 1979 Curator of St. Agatha's Crypt, Catacombs and Catacombs
  • 1984-1988 Acting Superior and Superior at St. Agatha's in Rabat
  • 25th Anniversary 2nd April 1985
  • 50th Anniversary 11th April 2010
  • Deceased 15th December 2011
May he rest in peace. Amen.

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