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Other Info.
Christmas Exhibition
Put up in the second floor of St. Agatha's Museum. In the previous years, parts of the crib and other ornaments were used in Birkirkara M.S.S.P. Oratory.
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Christmas Exhibition
Transferred to St. Agatha's Church.
1993 - 1995
Good Friday Exhibition
The exhibition was put up in a house next to St. Agatha's Church.
1996 - 2003
Good Friday Exhibition

Transferred to St. Agatha's Museum. New Statues were added to the collection: Last Supper, some Roman soldiers and some angels, etc

Year after year, the length of the exhibition was improved due to adding of new statues and improvement of the scenary.

2004 - 2008
Good Friday Exhibition
Transferred to the Sacristy in St. Agatha's Church, Rabat - Malta. The exhibitions is spread in an area of about 212ft sq. New statues are: Jesus entering Jerusalem, Pilate's serf, etc





More Information
  Statues come from Spain. The first statues were donated by a family from Mellieħa.

Other Decorations:
The set

It used to be set up in a room of about 212ft sq. The set is mainly built from papier machè, wood, jablo/polysterene and rustic stone.

Below each scene, there is a short description in Maltese as well as in English, about that particular stage.



Real trees/grass:
Clipppings from olive and cypress trees and dry grass decorate several areas of the exhibition, especially the Getsemane part. Apart from these, real wheat, where the model sheep are left to graze, is grown and water from time to time during the exhibition days.
The sound and light effects create an atmosphere of meditation - a perfect feeling during Lent/Good Friday time.

Explanations / Aim:

Thanks goes to the benefactors, who contributed financially. Thanks to those who help during the maintenance of the statues and other materials and to set up the exhibitions.

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